Client Software

Amspec Sync Client Software: makes online service as easy as local service

Amspec Sync state-of-the-art client applications include: Amspec Sync File Explorer, Amspec Sync Online Backup and Amspec Sync Email Backup. These applications are as easy as Windows Explorer plus more powerful remote features.
Amspec Sync software

Amspec Sync File Explorer

Like Windows Explorer, it can manage Amspec Sync File Server files like local files; support multiple users, PCs, groups and sub-groups. drag and drop, fast data transfer, group document sharing and collaboration, folder synchronization, etc. Free Download |  More Info >>

Amspec Sync Online Backup

Automatic remote backup software, optimized for businesses. Backup is never so easy, secure and reliable! No device needed, works anywhere. Your data is backed up to Amspec Sync secure data center. You need our offsite backup service to survive major disasters. Free Download |  More Info >>